Past Member

Alejandro Garcia

Former Visiting Student
  • City Science

Alejandro Garcia is a Visiting Student at the City Science group. He recently graduated in Industrial Engineering from Tecnun-University of Navarra in  Spain and is currently working towards his engineering master thesis at the Media Lab. 

Alejandro's research is focused on robotic architecture as a new approach to create hyper-efficient personal spaces where people will live and work in the future. In particular, how can intelligent houses help the elderly age in place.

Working in two projects, the Piccolo Kitchen developing sensing systems for activity recognition in the kitchen space, and the BlindEye that uses computer vision for privacy-preserving activity recognition inside the home space. 

His work is driven by his interest in human related data and the interaction with new spaces.  In addition to developing mechanisms that enable a efficient use of space, his project focus on systems for data acquisition and future data analysis. This approach has as a goal the challenge to understand human behavior oriented to health and wellness, taking housing experience to a whole new level.