piloting [bike]swarm

Alex  Berke, Thomas Sanchez, Jimmy Day

Synchronizing light across riders, [bike]swarm technology enhances the safety and joy of sustainable mobility by illuminating the rider community.

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 Guadalajara, Mexico

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At  our City Science summit  in October 2020, the [bike]swarm team met with government officials, academics, and local bike advocates, to discuss the challenges of cycling in Guadalajara and the potential for the introduction of new technology to develop a safer riding ecosystem.

In collaboration with  UdeG (University of Guadalajara), IMEPLAN, the MiBici bike share system, and local bike advocacy groups, the [bike]swarm team will be conducting a pilot program to observe user perception of the technology.

Past [bike] swarms

Boston, Massachusetts

Austin, Texas

Hamburg, Germany

New technology

Designed to fit on and synchronize across any micro mobility vehicles and accessories.

shared bikes, personal bikes, scooters, e-bikes, skateboards, helmets, ...

Our new module is in development and uses Bluetooth mesh to better interface with phone  apps and IoT technologies.

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