Thomas Sanchez Lengeling

  • City Science

Thomas Sanchez Lengeling is an engineer, artist, and scientist with a master's degree from the MIT Media Lab at the Opera of the Future Group and a bachelor's degree in engineer and computer science from the University of Guanajuato in Mexico.

Before joining the Media Lab, Thomas was working in different creative industries as a technologist and creative coder.  He worked in Mexico City, NYC, and Germany. He also worked as a researcher at the MIT Physics Department, where he developed and created technologies to study human color perception

He volunteers in Clubes de Ciencia Mexico. A non-profit organization that  focuses on expanding access to high-quality science education in Mexico and Latin-America.

He has exhibited and performed at Ars Electronica Linz, Medialab-Prado Madrid, tro de CulturaContemporánea de Barcelona, Chaos Communication Congrees CCH Hamburg, Münster Festival, Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MFA), Museum of Science Boston, Bienal de Artes Mediales Chile, CENART Mexico( Centro Nacional de las Artes ), Festival Internacional de Artes Electrónicas y Video Mexico, Festival Internaticional Cervantino Mexico, MUTEK Mexico,  Encuentro de las Artes Escénicas Mexico, Centro Cultural de España en México, Conservatorio Nacional CDMX.

He has published at Science Journal, Thresholds Journal, Leonardo Journal, SIGGRAPH, NIME, CSCW, ICLC, ISMAR, GPU Technology Conference, and the Computing Conference 2020.