Alex Berke

Research Assistant
  • City Science

Alex Berke is currently a PhD student. Her masters thesis was  about the use of  large location datasets as  public goods  while preserving privacy. 

She is a creative computer scientist, civic hacker, and technology architect, with degrees in mathematics and computer science from Brown University.   She has years of industry experience as a technologist, software engineer, and systems architect, with work ranging from data science and machine learning, to developing distributed systems.  She has worked for large companies, as well as led projects within small startups, and has built a variety of technologies from small ideas into scalable solutions.

She is also interested in design - both human centric design, and the design of scalable and sustainable solutions for cities.

Before coming to the Media Lab, Alex lived in New York, participating in the arts community while professionally working at the intersection of technology and social impact. Most recently she was working as an engineer on Google Search, focused on news credibility and fighting disinformation.

She has published work ranging from articles about Bitcoin to coloring books about math.