"Welcome to the Creative Village!": a hands-on introduction to Creative Learning

by Brazilian Creative Learning Network

For the past four years, the Brazilian Creative Learning Network (BCLN) has been connecting thousands of educators interested in making Brazilian public education more hands-on, creative, and meaningful for young people. Although most of these educators align with the "concept" of Creative Learning, an educational framework proposed by the MIT Media Lab, many have not experienced this kind of learning by themselves. The "Creative Village" is a workshop that provides an opportunity for educators to experience a creative learning activity, reflect about their own role within creative learning environments, and discuss potential implications for their practices.

At the workshop, participants are invited to use low-cost craft materials and electronics to build a representation of a "creative village". As part of the process, they explore powerful ideas associated with civic life, and use the "Creative Learning Radar" to reflect about the key elements of creative learning activities, including: spatial layout, facilitation, technology, and curriculum connections.


  • To provide participants with an opportunity to experience Creative Learning on their own, to share their experiences and learn from others, and to reflect about the role of educators within creative learning classrooms;
  • To introduce the Brazilian Creative Learning Network;
  • To encourage participants to bring Creative Learning to their daily practices.


  • The Welcome to the Creative Village workshop helps teachers, non-formal educators and administrators get a personal feel for creative learning;
  • The workshop also helps teachers, administrators and other educators to appreciate the use of low-cost technology and accessible resources for innovation and creativity.

Intended Audience: 

  • K-12 formal classroom teachers
  • Post-secondary educators
  • Early childhood educators
  • Out-of-school-time educators
  • Researchers
  • Administrators
  • Other informal educators

This is all a draft:

Although we had experienced the Creative Village workshop with over 1000 educators of Brazil's public schools, this initiative, as well as others from the MIT Media Lab and the Brazilian Creative Learning Network, is in constant update and evolution. The voices of educators who are experiencing our materials and workshops are very important to us, so we can cultivate the creative learning spiral through constantly sharing, reflecting and improving these educational resources.


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