Designing Creative Learning Activities

Carolina Rodeghiero

By Carolina Rodeghiero

As a sequence to the Creative Village introduction to Creative Learning, the Brazilian Creative Learning Network is designing new tools within a professional development course to support educators on their first steps on adopting Creative Learning in their practices. 

Which are the key elements that might help me on designing creative learning experiences for my students?

This and other questions are always there when educators do their first reflection about creative learning, usually after a first experience as it is the Creative Village hands-on workshop or other Creative Learning practices. 

 At the "Designing Creative Learning Activities" workshop, educators have the opportunity to share their own experiences of practices while  brainstorming about key elements for creating or remixing an activity using creative learning. The participants also have the opportunity to prototype products that they expect their own students to be able to create, and they draw strategies to develop the Creative Learning spiral and the 4 P’s of Creative Learning:  Projects, Passion, Peers, Play. 

If you already participated in one of these workshops and are now using these materials and tips to design better experiences for your students, we would love to hear your feedback about how our resources are useful to your teaching practice.  


  • Putting the educator in the role of designer, creating opportunities of creative learning for his/her students;
  • Encouraging educators to be a designers, creating opportunities to develop the concepts of the Ps;
  • Encouraging participants to take creative learning into their daily practice. 


  • These resources help teachers and non-formal educators  to plan and create creative learning activities that they can put in practice.

Intended Audience:

  • School teachers
  • Facilitators/educators from non-formal learning environments


This initiative, as well as others from the MIT Media Lab and the Brazilian Creative Learning Network, is in constant update and evolution. The voices of educators who are experiencing our materials and workshops are very important to us, so we can cultivate the creative learning spiral through constantly sharing, reflecting, and improving these educational resources.

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