Creative Learning Conference Brazil

September 18-21 , in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo

With the theme "Joy to teach, joy to learn," the second edition of the Creative Learning Conference Brazil will bring together educators, administrators, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, developers, families, and others interested in making education more hands-on, fun, collaborative, and meaningful for children and young people in Brazil.

The conference is organized by the Brazilian Creative Learning Network, the MIT Media Lab, Lemann Foundation, and the Secretary of Education of the of the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo. In this edition the conference will host invited speakers, panel discussions, ignite talks, workshops, interactive demonstrations, short papers presentations, and other events, including the first Creative Universities Meeting and the Creative Learning Challenge 2019 meeting. 

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Some of the main ACTIVITIES that will be experienced during the conference are:


Interactive Demonstration

Sharing Experience 

Ongoing Research




Creative Learning in Practice

Creative Computing and Scratch

Creative Universities

Creative Learning for All

Creative Communities

Call for Proposals 

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