Fall 2016 Media Arts and Sciences Course List

Stephanie Ku

Full MIT class schedule online at MIT Office of the Registrar


MAS 110 (U) : Bove

Fundamentals of Computational Media Design (3-3-6) TR 4-5 in E15-341


MAS 500 Oxman/Paradiso/Feldmeier: Hands on Foundations in Media Technology (units arranged) TR 10-12 in E15-341

MAS 552 LarsonCity Science (3-0-9) W 2-5 in E15-359

MAS 665J Pentland/Bonsen/BreazealDevelopment Ventures (3-0-9) R 10-12 in E14-633

MAS 834 IshiiTangible Interfaces (3-3-6) W 1-4 in E15-341*FIRST CLASS ON SEPT 14*

MAS 863J Gershenfeld/DiFrancescoHow to Make (Almost) Anything (3-9-6) W 1-4, R 5-6 in E14-633

MAS 883J Bonsen/JacobsonRevolutionary Ventures (2-0-7) R 2-4 in E15-341

MAS 921 Resnick: Proseminar in Media Arts and Sciences (3-0-9) T 12-2 in E15-341

MAS 940 Schmandt/Breazeal: Preparation for MS Thesis (2-0-10) R 2:30-4:30 in E14-633


MAS S60 Novy/Bonsen/Paradiso: Envisioneering the Future of Humanity (2-0-7) T 7-9 in E15-359

MAS S61 PentlandSocial Physics R 3-5 in E15-359

MAS S62 Maes: Human Machine Symbiosis (2-0-7) CANCELLED FOR FALL/OFFERED FOR SPRING 2017

MAS S63 Slavin: Communication, Explanation, Persuasion (3-0-6) T 1-3 in E14-493

MAS S64 ZuckermanTechnology and Social Change (3-0-9) W 10-12:30 in E15-341

MAS S65 Ozaki: Speculative Design Workshop–The Future of Empathy (2-0-7) R 3-5 in E14-493

MAS S66 Picard: Tools for Improving Wellbeing (2-0-10) M 10:30-12 in E15-359, Public talks M 4-5:30 in E14-633

MAS S67 Rahwan/RoyMachine Learning, Society & Autonomy (2-0-10) T 3-5 in E14-633

MAS S68 Machover/Paradiso: Here, There and Everywhere: The Future of Music in Sound, Space and Place (3-3-6) W 2-4:30 in E14-493

MAS S71 Pentland/Bonsen/ShrierFuture Commerce T 1-2:30 in E14-633, Half Term (Sept 13-Oct 18)

MAS S72 Pentland/Bonsen/ShrierFuture Health T 1-2:30 in E14-633, Half Term (Oct 25-Dec13)

MAS S73 HidalgoApplied Data Visualization (2-0-10) F 3-5 in E14-633 *FIRST CLASS IN E15-070/Bartos*

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