IAP 2023


Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

The 2023 MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP) begins on Monday, January 9, 2023 and ends on Friday, February 3, 2023. Check the MIT Events Calendar for non-credit courses and activities, or the Registrar’s Office for for-credit courses. Also keep an eye out for emails and posters announcing informal workshops and other "unofficial" IAP courses. 

Below is an evolving list of IAPs hosted by members of the Media Lab community in collaboration with other departments.

If you're a member of the Media Lab community and teaching an IAP class this year, please email Sarah Beckmann (sbeck12@media) to have it added to the list! 

  • Beyond the Lab: Journey from Scientist to Founder with E14 Fund. Non-credit. Taught by Habib Haddad and Calvin Chin of the E14 Fund. Learn more and register here
  • Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Design (MAS.S73). For-credit. Taught by Nic Lee of the Mediated Matter group. Learn more and register here.
  • Introduction to Text-to-Image Generation for K-12 Education. Non-credit. Taught by Safinah Ali of the Personal Robots group, Kate Moore of MIT Comparative Media Studies / Writing (CMS), and Prerna Ravi and Hal Abelson of MIT CSAIL. Learn more and register here.
  • Noise, Perception, and Learning: Applications in AI Art. Non-credit. Taught by Mikey Fernandez of the Biomechatronics group; Sarah Muschinske and and John Simonaitis of MIT EECS/RLE; Aspen Hopkins, Logan Engstrom, and Andrew Ilyas of MIT EECS/CSAIL; and Chandler Squires of MIT EECS/LIDS. Learn more and register here
  • Intellectual Property Golden Speaker Series: On a journey from the lab to the marketplace. Non-credit. Hosted by the MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO) in collaboration with MIT Libraries, and featuring Biomechatronics group head Hugh Herr and Bob Langer. Learn more and register here.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The End of Civilization or the Beginning of Civilization? Non-credit. Taught by former Labber Christopher Fry and Henry Lieberman of MIT CSAIL. Learn more and register here
  • AI for Film Making Hackathon. Non-credit. Hosted by the MIT Film Makers Association, including Molecular Machines researcher Ruihan Zhang, Yiming Zhang of MIT Biological Engineering, Shangdi Yu of MIT EECS, Zhibo Chen from MIT AreoAstro, among others. Learn more and register here
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