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City Science Lab @Biobío

City Science Lab @Biobío

There has been extensive news on this collabotation. For the most recent news on the City Science Lab Biobío, visit their site or instagram:     

First in Latin America: specialized urban development laboratory will arrive in Gran Concepción
by Daniela Dalgado

City Science Lab Biobío: the city of the future that lands in Concepción
by Manuel Izquierdo R

Gran Concepción will have the first "City Lab" for sustainable and participative planning in South America
by Reddacción Sabes

MIT installs in Concepción its first laboratory of cities in South America
by Marisa Cominetti

City Lab: Biobío Region advances in sustainable planning

Conception: First Laboratory City

Biobío will have the first "City Lab" for sustainable and participatory planning in South America
by Juvenal Rivera

"There are dynamics that if they are not reversed, they will be chronic diseases for cities"
by Felipe Cuevas Mora

Technology and innovation in the city

Chile joins the global network of MIT city laboratories

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