Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor

Research Scientist
  • City Science

Luis Alonso is a research scientist in the City Science group and Principal Investigator of the Andorra Living Lab Project. He has a PhD in architecture and coordinates the Andorra Living Lab project. He oversees the integration of the group's diverse research topics (energy consumption, city simulation, urban mobility, innovation district, and smart housing) in City Science Network of Collaborative Cities, to provide comprehensive solutions for urban and country challenges, in order to transform cities into more diverse and vibrant "human scale ecosystems."

Since he is focused on very different lines of research and work, his antidisciplinary approach fits on the Media Lab philosophy: City Science, urban indicators, big data analysis, urban planning, architectural robotics, building design and construction, new and smart materials (free-form transparent energy efficient envelopes and biomedical uses), energy simulation and building efficiency and sustainability, eco-innovation, e-learning and its impact on social networks, new technologies, IoT, etc.