ABM Resilient Cities

Arnaud Grignard - Luis Alonso

Agent Based Modeling for behaviours, building occupancy loads and risk infection at the University of Guadalajara. 

In collaboration with the University of Guadalajara, CityScience group has been working on different strategies for the reopening of public spaces in a pandemic area. This study has been focusing on 5 different sites of the UdG campus and 6 interventions to study how the utilisation of existing spaces can be improved while minimising infection risks.

From conventional district to autonomous cities

Using an agent-based simulation approach this project studies the difference between conventional zoning (with separated functions) and autonomous communities. It shows how autonomous communities can not only fulfil needed amenities and institutions in a short walkable distance allowing for more liveability, decreasing emissions, but also allowing those communities to be closed off more easily in case of pandemic preventing entire "conventional cities" from being shut down simultaneously.