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With no airport or train service, most of the 8 million tourists who visit Andorra each year arrive by car, making traffic management and parking some of the country's most important challenges. We are currently developing different projects spanning from data science to the deployment of autonomous vehicles to help address these issues.

Current Projects:

  • PEV
  • Traffic prediction tool


Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) addresses sedentary lifestyles, provides energy-efficient mobility.

Principal Investigator: Kent Larson, Sertac Karaman. Contributors: Michael Chia-liang Lin, Abhishek Agarwal, Phil Tinn, Andre Snoeck, Justin Chang-Qi Zhang, Henry Liang. 


Congestion avoidance tool, using coupons related to the pattern of the tourist.

Contributors: Yan Leng, Naichun Chen, Arnaud Grignard , Marc Vilella, Ronald Dooley, Liang Zhou, Waleed Fathi.