Exploring Science Communication Through Song and Dance

Photo taken by Little Fish Media, dancers from Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science

Science is not just about discovery; it’s an art of communication too.

In this project, we are exploring how complex scientific topics can be made more accessible through song and dance by creating a music video to explain network science.

Historically, scientific discourse has primarily been confined to academic journal papers, targeting predominantly researchers. This approach creates unnecessary barriers of entry for the wider public to engage and understand science. The problem is especially urgent for network and data science due to the increasing integration of data-driven tools in our everyday lives. Facilitating informed discussion is the first step to democratizing the direction of technological development.

“High quality video and music production has become cheaper and more accessible than ever before, so we thought it was high time to make science fun and approachable for everyone” says Lasse Mohr, visiting PhD student at the Human Dynamics Group of the MIT Media Lab and the director of the video.

The music video has been entered into the 2024 “Dance Your PhD” competition; a video competition hosted by Science challenging young researchers from around the world to explain their research through song and dance.