Gastronomy And Beyond

Adela Balderas Cejudo

Gastronomy and Beyond (G&B) aims to unite individuals who contribute to innovation in the realms of culture, products, territories, sustainability, and community.

Our mission is to expand horizons, foster creativity, and explore a myriad of concepts. 


21 September, 12pm EDT

Chef Eneko Atxa -Chef Owner Azurmendi - 3 Michelin Star

Eneko understands the gastronomy as a universal language, full of dialects which he uses to enhance the value of his territory, his culture and its roots through innovation, memory, and multidisciplinary cooperation of the people around him and those he encounters in his trips around the world. From this starting point was born his first project, Azurmendi, and the rest that have followed.

19 October, 12pm EDT 

Joxe Mari Aizega -General Manager Basque Culinary Center 

Discovering Joxe Mari Aizega, the General Manager Basque Culinary Center.

Basque Culinary Center is a unique ecosystem where training, innovation, research, and entrepreneurship coexist with the aim of developing and promoting gastronomy, the latter understood as reasoned knowledge about what we eat and how we eat. Located in Donostia - San Sebastian since 2011, it is a pioneering institution made up of the Faculty of Gastronomic Science and BCC Innovation, the Gastronomy Technological Centre.

21 November, 12pm EDT

Luciana Bianchi - Director of Galapagos Foundation Development Chef/Owner of MUYU. 

Time to meet Luciana Bianchi

Luciana is the director of the Galapagos Foundation focusing on gastronomy, conservation and sustainability. Her latest project is MUYU - the first farm, forest & sea to table restaurant in the Galapagos Islands, supporting organic farmers, and empowering women, and youngsters to become hospitality professionals.

Original idea and Coordinator of Gastronomy And Beyond: Adela Balderas Cejudo