Lessons learned using ubiquitous sensors for data collection in real homes

J. S. Beaudin, E. Munguia Tapia, and S. S. Intille, "Lessons learned using ubiquitous sensors for data collection in real homes," in Extended Abstracts of the 2004 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. New York, NY: ACM Press, 2004, pp. 1359-1362.


Interface design for the home requires a realistic understanding of the complexity and richness of the human activities that go on there; it is our goal to develop tools that enable HCI investigation in actual home environments. We have developed a kit of ubiquitous sensing devices and over the past year have conducted a series of studies installing a large number of sensors, of diverse types, in multiple homes of participants not affiliated with the research team. As we deployed our portable kit outside the laboratory, we encountered unanticipated study design and technology requirements that will affect the continued development of the kit itself. We offer practical tips we have learned from our experience and describe how we are applying them to the design of our next generation of sensors.

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