Tools for studying behavior and technology in natural settings

S.S. Intille, E. Munguia Tapia J. Rondoni, J. Beaudin, C. Kukla, S. Agarwal, and L. Bao, "Tools for studying behavior and technology in natural settings," in Proceedings of UBICOMP 2003: Ubiquitous Computing, vol. LNCS 2864, A.K. Dey, A. Schmidt, and J.F. McCarthy, Eds. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, 2003, pp. 157-174.


Three tools for acquiring data about people, their behavior, and their use of technology in natural settings are described: (1) a context-aware experience sampling tool, (2) a tape-on ubiquitous state-change sensing system, and (3) an image-based experience sampling system. We discuss how these tools provide researchers with a flexible toolkit for collecting data on activity in homes and workplaces. We outline several ongoing studies to illustrate the versatility of these tools, two of which are currently available to other researchers to use.

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