GenCity: Synthetic-Context Aware Urban Design

L.Izquierdo, V.Xiao

The relationship between the body, neural networks, and design has become increasingly significant in contemporary discourse. As advancements in technology and artificial intelligence continue to shape our lives, it is essential to critically examine how these elements intersect and influence one another. This project aims to explore the intricate interplay between the body, neural networks, and design, emphasizing the embodied nature of neural design and its implications for the human experience.

We are developing a new way of designing cities that combines AI with collaborative tools. Our system understands natural conversations about urban spaces and translates them into design ideas. It then presents these ideas through interactive models that people can manipulate together. 

Our goal is to reshape the possibilities of context-aware discovery to understand natural human language and generate an intuitive interface, along with a tangible interface, to obtain in-depth results applied to urban design in a collaborative environment. This approach makes urban planning more accessible and inclusive, allowing diverse groups to contribute their ideas.

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