Research Group Overview: Space Exploration Initiative

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MIT Media Lab

MIT Media Lab

Space will be hackable. Space will be playful.

With humanity at the cusp of interplanetary civilization, the Media Lab's Space Exploration Initiative is actively building the technologies, tools, and human experiences of our Sci-Fi Space Future. In doing so, it builds on the spirit of the Media Lab, uniting artists, scientists, engineers, and designers to build a real-life Starfleet Academy (inspired by the iconic institution from Star Trek). The group's work is grounded in the academic excellence of MIT, while leveraging the provocative, creative, and futuristic technology expertise at the Media Lab. The Space Exploration Initiative supports 40+ research projects, an annual cadence of regular parabolic flights, suborbital and orbital launch research deployments, and a team of 50+ students, staff, and faculty. 

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