Accessibility Objective: that 'smart cities' do not create more barriers for people with disabilities


Retina: El Pais Economica

Retina: El Pais Economica

By M. Victoria S. Nadal

Smart cities exist but nobody has seen them. This is perhaps one of the features that define them: they use technology to make citizens' lives easier without their realizing it. Its objective is to create a sustainable environment that optimizes the use that citizens make of public spaces and that facilitates mobility. But there is a set of population for which smart cities can make a fundamental difference: people with disabilities. Technology can be used to make cities more accessible, as is currently the case with the use of sound signals when the traffic lights turn green. 90% of the experts consulted by the organization Smart cities for all (promoted by Microsoft) in this survey agrees that smart cities initiatives would help people with disabilities and older people to be more included in their communities.

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