Cities WITH(in) - The City Science Summit


Gabriela Bila and Ribs + Seixas

Gabriela Bila and Ribs + Seixas

Monday — Friday
October 4, 2021 —
October 8, 2021
7:00am — 10:00am ET

Hyper-LOCAL solutions to GLOBAL problems

Co-hosted by MIT City Science and Taipei Tech 

The 5th annual City Science Summit, co-hosted by MIT City Science and Taipei Tech, will be co-hosted virtually from October 4 to 8, 2021. For this summit, we will bring together members of the City Science Network, collaborators, industry experts and like-minded planners, engineers, scientists and artists. Network directors will reimagine the 16 SDG's from the perspective of the city or of a community.

We propose that transnational problems such as climate change and public health are best addressed in cities, one community at a time. Future cities, described as clusters of high-performing, entrepreneurial, and walkable communities, would allow for more livable, resilient neighborhoods that aspire to achieve the following goals: zero commuting, zero energy, maximum creative collisions, maximum equity, and maximum public health. These communities will define a unique combination of density, diversity, access, and public amenities to inspire, promote social interaction, ensure equity, and increase creative and entrepreneurial engagement.

This event features talks from the network directors:

Kent Larson of MIT City Science
Leehter Yao from Taipei Tech
Gesa Ziemer from HafenCity University
Yonqui Lou from Tongji University 
C Kien Vu from the Architecture Research Center
Hossein Rahnama from Ryerson University
Marc Pons from the Andorra Innovation Hub
and Mayra Gamboa from The University of Guadalajara

with special guest Dava Newman, Director of the MIT Media Lab

And workshops from network labs including:

  • From Participation to Co-Creation. Multi-stakeholder collaboration as a research area from CityScienceLab@Hamburg
  • Sustainable Cities WITH Decentralization from CityScienceLab@Shanghai
  • Hyper-LOCAL solutions to GLOBAL problems from MIT City Science
  • Transformation within Cities and the Covid19 pandemic from CityScienceLab@Ho Chi Minh City
  • Designing privacy preserved data hubs to empower collaborative communities from CityScienceLab@Toronto
  • Biosphere and Living Lab frameworks to develop more resilient communities from CityScienceLab@Andorra
  • Innovation within Informality from CityScienceLab@Guadalajara
  • And System Within Systems -Information Fusion for Future Cities from CityScienceLab@Taipei
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