Game IT Workshop 1.0

Arnaud Grignard

Monday — Wednesday
September 25, 2017 —
September 27, 2017
9:00am — 8:00pm ET

Lyon hosted the first MIT Media Lab City Science Game IT Workshop to study the use of digital tools for the simulation of urban environments. Principles, methods, techniques, design, implementation, and exploration of agent-based models were collectively studied and applied to urban planning problematics.

The first part of the workshop started with a seminar at CPE Lyon, where participants presented and exchanged ideas about about their work. Different presentations from Media Lab researchers as well as to those of various public and private players in Lyon linked to this theme.

The second part of the workshop was a hackathon dedicated to developing an agent-based model of urban mobility designed in close collaboration between the researchers from the Media Lab and a French research team using the GAMA platform. Participants focused on such themes as data collection and analysis, urban design refinement and land use definition, mobility modes and pathways, and commuting patterns depending on agent profiles.

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