Past Member

Arielle Johnson

Former Director's Fellow
  • Space Exploration Initiative

Arielle's work emphasizes dismantling the disciplinary boundaries between the kitchen and the laboratory, drawing on her experience doing research and development in the sciences, fine dining, and food nonprofits; and using tools from chemistry, plant science, microbiology, ethnobotany, history, psychology, engineering, design, and experimental cuisine.

Arielle completed a BSc in chemistry at New York University and a PhD in agricultural and environmental chemistry from UC Davis with a focus in flavor chemistry. Prior to joining the Media Lab she was the resident scientist at Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, and the head of research at MAD, chef Rene Redzepi’s food symposium and think tank. She is a regular contributor to Lucky Peach and the Los Angeles Times, and her work has been featured in Wired, Nature Microbiology, Science, The Harvard Science and Cooking lectures, the World Bank, Tales of the Cocktail, Popular Science, and SXSW. Outside of MIT Arielle is also a regular collaborator with restaurants including Noma, Minibar by Jose Andres, Mission Chinese Food, Dandelyan, and Sqirl on creative and scientific projects.