Media Lab @ Design, Technology + Social Innovation Workshop 2020


MIT India Initiative

MIT India Initiative

India has been growing at an unprecedented rate, expected to soon overtake China as the most populous country in the world. These rapid and unpredictable dynamics have been reflected in complex challenges and opportunities related to education, healthcare, mobility, journalism, and politics. Last week, Media Lab students joined the MIT India Initiative in Mumbai for a workshop (in collaboration with Welingkar Institute of Management) aimed at tackling these challenges with design and technology. Throughout the course of five days the Media Lab students mentored a diverse group of students from all across India. The workshop included lectures, talks by leaders in a wide range of disciplines, and field trips to places like Dharavi and government hospitals to experience and understand firsthand the challenges together with the students. The output of the workshop included prototypes that range from software apps, medical devices, and sensors for environmental disasters. 

ML students and the tracks they represent:

Guillermo Herrera Arcos - Healthcare (Biomechatronics)

Guadalupe Babio - Housing and Energy (City Science)

Safina Arshad Ali - Telling Tangible Tales (Personal Robots)

Mike Hao Jiang - Reimagining Education (Viral Communications)

Vik Parthiban - Mobility (Object-Based Media) 

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