Media Lab Focus | March 2021: Mobility


Camera Culture

Camera Culture

The Media Lab Focus series for March 2021 will consist of a Research Report, presentations with live Q+A, and workshops around the theme of mobility.

These events are for members of the Media Lab only. Please make sure that you are logged in to the Member Portal or create an account using your company email address via this link:

Research Report

Research Discussions 


Tuesday, March 23 @1pm ET:  Car Experience of the Future
Hosted by Fluid Interfaces and Affective Computing

We'll discuss how sensing, AI and interventions (haptics, light, music, stimulation, etc.) can optimize the car experience of the future for drivers and passengers. 
We will also brainstorm more broadly about what people will do in cars when the cars drive themselves. 
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Wednesday, March 24 @9am ET:  Pandemic Fiction—Mobility
Co-hosted with Daimler

For many people, the ability to move freely is a defining experience, something that helps them understand the world around them and their place in it. In this session, we will show artwork from design artists illustrating their "little worlds" while being immobilized. We want to use these artworks as springboards to discuss opportunities to become mobile again.
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Tuesday, March 30 @10am ET: In-cabin AI
Co-hosted with Affectiva

In automotive, Affectiva’s in-cabin sensing AI is providing a deeper understanding of what is happening with people inside a vehicle, in order to improve road safety and create more comfortable and enjoyable transportation experiences. Beyond automotive, Emotion AI also has the potential to transform industries including healthcare and mental health, robotics, conversational interfaces, education and more.
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