MIT Colombian Association wins 2019 Organization of the Year Award

The Office of Graduate Education recognized the MIT Colombian Association as the Organization of the Year at the 2019 Multicultural Awards. This award is given to a student organization that has exemplified MIT’s high standards, shown a commitment to building community and improving the experience of MIT students, been active and intentional in promoting diversity and inclusion, and  proactive in seeking partnerships across MIT.

The MIT Colombian Association officers are:

  • Samantha Arango, MIT Media Lab
  • César Uribe, MIT LIDS
  • Karen Taborda, MGH 
  • Carlos Rios, MIT Photonic MATerials (PMAT)
  • Isabella Saa, MIT Media Lab
  • Juan Pablo Duarte, MIT IDSS
  • María Alejandra Castellanos, Department of Chemistry
  • Andrés Salazar, MIT J-WEL
  • David D'Achiardi, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Civic Media PhD student Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar serves as president of the association.

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