Samantha Gutierrez-Arango

  • Research Assistant
  • Senior Research Support Associate

Samantha is working on several projects focused on a novel surgical paradigm developed for limb amputation. The goal of this research is to ultimately enable patients to control their prosthesis with native neural signals.

Her research interests are employing the tools provided by Human-Computer Interaction and Neuroscience to build sustainable practical solutions to global health problems, improving healthcare delivery for some of the world's most vulnerable populations.

This is a passion Samantha developed while working at different startups such as Surgibox (an ultraportable inflatable surgical environment that fits in a backpack) and Point Motion Control (motion capture software for children with special needs).

Prior to joining MIT, she worked at Northeastern University exploring the psychological and behavioral effects of interactive media in overweight children where she performed multiple electrophysiological data collection and analysis and participated in research with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Yale Child Study Center developing learning tools and research devices.

Although passionate about her home country, Colombia, Samantha pursued a global perspective of the world by completing her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, México.