by Jessica Tsymbal

Oct. 23, 2017

In an emergency dial
(617) 253-1212 

or 100 from any campus phone.

 Calls to 911 go to the Massachusetts State Police then the Cambridge or Boston Police—not the MIT Police.  Reports are not accepted online or by email. 

General Security Tips

Anonymous tip line:  617-258-TIPS (8-8477)

Lock doors and windows to offices and labs when you are not in the area.

Do not prop open doors to the Lab or to research labs. This will help reduce the theft of unlocked and unattended items such as laptop computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, and other personal belongings.

MIT’s open campus policy allows visitors into campus buildings M-F from 8:30am—6:30pm. While we know it may feel awkward, do not allow others to piggyback (follow) your entry into E14 or E15 outside of these hours, including weekends.

Campus police suggest people without a laptop and/or carrying empty backpacks may be looking for easy opportunities, especially in the E14 atrium. 

If you see anyone or any activity that seems suspicious, do not put yourself into potential danger. Seek help by going to a safe area and calling the MIT Police at 617-253-1212 or 100 from a campus phone.

Digital Backup

Encrypt your laptop's drive.

Back up your laptop.  MIT IS&T offers CrashPlan free of charge.

Get your laptop tagged.  It's free for the MIT community.

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