Caterer Responsibilities

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A copy of the E14/ E15 catering guide can be sent to any caterer upon request.

Event Host Catering Responsibilities

  • Arrange for the pickup of all deliveries.
  • Add loading dock requests for load in/ load outs of equipment and food services to the event itinerary. Failure to do so may result in vendors losing access to the loading dock. 
  • All equipment pick-ups must be arranged for immediate removal after an event is over.

General Caterer Responsibilities

All event catering and party rental equipment must be delivered and removed within the event reservation time, unless special arrangements have been approved.  Post all set up and removal times in the event itinerary.

  • Deliveries must be stacked neatly and only in the space allocated for the event.
  • All equipment pick-ups must be arranged for immediate removal after an event is over.
  • It is mandatory that all rental equipment be loaded into the back hallway of the kitchen, especially when other events are happening.
  • It is the caterer's responsibility to remove all kitchen trash from the building when they leave. 
  • The event host and caterer are responsible for digitally signing the check out form certifying that the space(s) has been fully cleaned.

There are plenty of recycling and trash bins. No trash should be left on the loading dock or adjacent hallways.

E14-670 Catering Kitchen

There is minimal refrigeration and frozen storage space in the kitchen.  To reach the catering kitchen dial (617) 253-4631.

E14-670 Catering Kitchen Equipment:

There is no cooking equipment in the kitchen (ovens, warmers). All cooking equipment must be rented. Cooking with propane gas or open flame is prohibited

The following provisions are available for your use:

  • three 30 Amp (3 curved prong) circuits suitable for large ovens
  • two 20 Amp plugs hanging from the ceiling
  • 20 Amp wall-mounted outlets for coffee makers
  • 3 stainless steel sink counters
  • 1 rolling stainless steel worktable
  • 1 stainless steel plating table

The E14-670 kitchen space may at times be shared between two events.

E14-670 Cleaning Requirements

  • All caterers are responsible for providing and using their own cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean the food service equipment and the floors at the end of each event.
  • Caterers are required to thoroughly clean all food service equipment, counters and tables by washing down countertops, legs and shelving first, and then wiping and polishing tables.
  • All caterers are responsible for sweeping and mopping the kitchen before leaving. The kitchen is equipped with brooms, a mop and a mop bucket.
  • All tables and chairs used by the caterer must be wiped down and returned to the proper storage carts and closets.
  • All caterers are responsible for removing their trash from the kitchen.
  • No trash may be left on the loading dock or in the adjacent hallways.
  • All deliveries must be stored in the kitchen’s back hallway.

E15 Upper / Lower Atrium and Bartos Theater

There is no kitchen available in E15.  Caterers should work with their event host to set aside an area to use as a kitchen.  The back hall of E15 Lower Atrium is not available for use.

  • Electrical power is available through wall mounted outlets only.
  • Limited furniture is available in E15. All deliveries must be stored under the stairwell in the Lower Atrium.  Either the event host or the caterer should arrange to receive the delivery. 
  • The caterer is responsible for using all of their own supplies, including a broom and mop, to sweep and clean the floors after the event ends. 
  • No food is allowed in the Bartos Theater.

Vendor Damages

Any damages to the E14 or E15 Buildings will result in either the caterer or event host paying for the cost of repairs. 

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