CityScope Hanoi: Water management in the Red River

Arnaud Grignard

Agent-Based Modelling for water management: a study case of the Bac Hung Hai irrigation system in the Red River Delta, Vietnam.

Agriculture is the largest employer in Vietnam and is a major contributor to the national GDP and to the income of the poor and near poor households.  Climate change is impacting water availability and increasing peak rainfall but also increasing the intensity of droughts. The Bac Hung Hai irrigation system, which lies in the Red River Delta, is currently heavily affected by environmental pollution, with hundreds of sewers flowing into the river. With a large area crossing four provinces, it constitutes an irrigation canal for hundreds of thousands of hectares of agricultural land, but the pollution caused for many years by Bac Hung Hai irrigation system seriously affects the life, activities, and production of millions of inhabitants.

This project proposes use of an agent-based model coupled with a tangible interface to aid in the decision making process of water management in this area. In collaboration with experts in hydrological modeling, an agent-based model developed using the  GAMA Platform and integrated in the CityScope framework will explore the irrigation water system in the Red River Delta, Vietnam.


MIT MediaLab, City Science: Arnaud Grignard, Kent Larson

IRD, UMMISCO : Tri Nguyen-Huu

Thuy Loi University, SWARM: Nguyen Ngoc Doanh

Université Toulouse 1, IRIT: Benoit Gaudou

In collaboration with the IRD Institute and Thy Loi University in Hanoi 

Open source code available here