Urban Safety Perception Metrics in Conflict-Sensitive Informal Settlements: A Case Study of Lomas del Centinela, Guadalajara (México)

Leticia Izquierdo

Humanitarian Mapping. ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining August 23-27, 2020


Zapopan, in Guadalajara (Mexico). The goal was to understand where and how often women avoid public spaces as a result of perceived threats in their close environment. Our research explores the dynamics of social conditions within informal communities and fills a void created by an absence of standard definitions of insecurity and any specific measurable indicators. This study combines survey data, focus groups, and participant observations with statistical analysis of literature on safety in public spaces providing a quantitative interpretation. 

By identifying strategies leading to more informed choices about possible interventions that promote safe mobility for all, the ultimate aim of this research is to empower communities and share knowledge within a conflict-sensitive framework, relevant at the level of individuals and organizations. 

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