Beyond the Cradle 2017: videos

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Dan Novy and Ariel Ekblaw: Introduduction
Joi Ito: Welcome and Kickoff
Dr. Maria T. Zuber: Welcome and Kickoff
Julien de Wit: Keynote - Exoplanets
JJ Abrams
Doug Trumbull, Ben Grossmann, Magnopus Warren Ellis: Plenary Address: Living a sci-fi space future
Ben Grossmann: visual effects supervisor, Magnopus
Warren Ellis: author
Doug Trumbull: director and visual effects supervisor, Trumbull Studios
Ariel Waldman, Kerri Cahoy, Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde, Andy Sellars, Rie Yamamoto: Democratizing Open Space panel: Defining new modes of engagement from Earth to LEO
Ariel Waldman: founder,
Andy Sellars: Director, BU/MIT Technology and Cyberlaw Clinic
Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde: artist and designer
Kerri Cahoy: MIT AeroAstro STAR Lab Principal Investigator
Rie Yamamoto: Global Strategy for ALE
Doug Trumbull: visual effects designer
Ron Dantowitz: President, MARS Scientific
Sheyna Gifford, Elizabeth B. Klerman, John Min, Alexandra Pontefract: Frontiers for Life in Space panel: From tardigrades to astronaut wellbeing
Sheyna Gifford: MD, HI-SEAS IV Crew
Alexandra Pontefract: Postdoctoral Associate, MIT EAPS
John Min: MIT Media Lab, Sculpting Evolution research group
Elizabeth B. Klerman: MD PhD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Joi Ito, Neil Gershenfeld, Dava Newman, Joe Paradiso, Danielle Wood: The Future of Space Research panel
Joi Ito, Director: MIT Media Lab
Danielle Wood: MIT Alum, PhD 2012
Joe Paradiso: Professor, MIT Media Lab
Dava Newman: Apollo Professor of Astronautics, MIT
Neil Gershenfeld: Director, Center for Bits and Atoms
Cady Coleman, Jeff Hoffman, Leland Melvin, Sheyna Gifford: Plenary panel: astronaut augury
Sheyna Gifford: Simulation Astronaut
Jeff Hoffman: Astronaut
Leland Melvin: Astronaut
Cady Coleman: Astronaut
Joi Ito, Dan Novy, Ariel Ekblaw: Thank you
Dan Goods: Closing keynote - visual strategist, NASA JPL
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