Agenda - Thursday, April 6

April 6, 2017
9:30am — 6:30pm

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9:30am | breakfast

10:00am | session 4
Fadel Adib, Signal Kinetics
Iyad Rahwan, Scalable Cooperation
César Hidalgo, Collective Learning
Chris Schmandt, Living Mobile

10:50am | break

11:00am | session 5
Kent Larson, Changing Places
Ethan Zuckerman, Civic Media
Sputniko!, Design Fiction
Ben Bloomberg and Rébecca Kleinberger, Opera of the Future

11:50am | break

12:00pm | session 6: work in progress
E14 Startup Fund
Digital Currency Initiative
Caleb Harper, OpenAg

12:30pm | lunch

2:00pm | open house

4:30pm | workshops

5:30pm | reception

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