Workshops - Wednesday, April 5

April 5, 2017
4:30pm — 5:30pm ET

8K Brain Tour
Yosuke Bando, Takahito Ito, Mika Kanaya | E15-483

Innovation in 3D visualization methods is important in forging medical breakthroughs. This workshop, led by scientists from Toshiba and NHK, will present a new interactive system that renders the brain images as big as 5 terabytes (700 billion voxels) in the highest 8K quality. We will introduce the latest images captured by Ed Boyden’s Synthetic Neurobiology group.

Join us to become the first to see nanoscale neuron images in 8K.

Analytics for improving mood and health
Rosalind Picard, Szymon Fedor, Akane Sano | E15-341

Wearable devices to detect activity or record physiology during daily life, to monitor sleep and to better understand emotion, are among many inventions originating in the Media Lab which enable continuous monitoring of parameters that may help forecast and prevent mood disorders. In partnership with top physicians and hospitals in the Boston area, we have been running exploratory studies where we continuously monitor physiology, activity, voice, phone usage, and sleep for two populations: (1) people who are at high risk of depression, and (2) clinically depressed people while they undergo a therapy. We have aimed to find behavioral and physiological markers related to mental health, using statistical analysis and machine learning techniques, and to develop systems to improve mental health.

In this workshop, we will introduce our work, we'll plan for improving measures of mood that can be used long-term for more accuracy and for better forecasting of changes in mental health, and we'll also discuss future directions.

Envisioning the future of automobility
Janko Potezica, IDEO | E15-359

We’re on the cusp of a revolution in transportation. Once our hands are off the steering wheel and more vehicles are shared rather than owned, what will change in our lives? How will our cities and mobility systems evolve?

This workshop, hosted by IDEO, will gather Media Lab researchers, along with other member companies, to share insights into the trends and technologies that will define the vehicles and mobility systems of tomorrow. IDEO will discuss their latest design concepts from their Future of Automobility series and explore how we might move people, things, and spaces in the next decade. The conversations we begin and the ideas we generate in this workshop will serve as a prelude for a larger workshop/event to be hosted at the Media Lab this summer.

Methods for ideating innovative contexts for use of technology
Mitsushi Abe, Taro Minami, Tomoyuki Torisu (Dentsu) | E14-3rd Floor Atrium

Finding a meaningful context is critical to maximize the value of new technologies. Creative process is needed to consistently generate new and unexpected contexts. Dentsu Innovation Institute “TeamB” studies the creative processes that enable new ideas to emerge. We have experimented these processes in 50+ client assignments to date. In today’s session, we would like to have you experience “Magic Word Card”, a creative tool which we developed, in action.

ML Space Exploration Initiative: from launch to orbit
Ariel Ekblaw, Joe Paradiso | E14-245D

The public grand opening of Space draws near. Much as biology has witnessed an explosion of DIY bio-hacking in recent years, the declining costs of space launches and cubesats now enable a new mode of engagement in low Earth orbit and beyond.

Join us for the latest updates on the Media Lab's Space Exploration Initiative. After a sneak peak at the fall 2016 members' event, ML members can now dive into the first wave of research. We'll recap our Beyond the Cradle kickoff event in March, and we'll showcase current projects and share our launch schedule (from zero-gravity flights to low earth orbit). We look forward to your input on the future of space research—from space tourism to consumer products in zero-g, to aerospace sensors and Mars missions. The Space Exploration Initiative workshop welcomes and encourages companies seeking potential collaborations in space-related research.

NapLab: prototyping interventions to promote better sleep
Carson Smuts, Jason Nawyn | E14-633

We have designed a personal environment that transforms to accommodate sleeping, private work, and two-person conversations. Located in a public space at the Media Lab, it will enable researchers to monitor sleep and other activities, and to test interventions that may improve sleep (microclimates, tunable lighting, directed audio, scents, texture, motion, biofeedback, meditation, etc.) It will also develop the means to study the correlations between sleep and activities of daily living before and after sleep. We will have a series of 1/2 PechaKucha presentations (10 slides at 20 seconds each) followed by a discussion of the research opportunities.

Open Leadership Camp
Philipp Schmidt, Katherine McConachie | E14-445

The Open Leadership Camp is a new learning program we developed with Mozilla. It introduces the principles of "working open" and "open innovation", and is targeted at senior leaders. The curriculum covers case studies of successful open projects, and builds on some ideas in Joi Ito's recent book, Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future. The camp involves a three-day in-person workshop, followed by six-to-eight weeks of online mentorship and support. The goal of The Open Leadership Camp is to help participants design and implement an "open" project within their organizations. We just ran our first camp with CEOs of large public interest organizations, and plan to discuss how we might connect projects like the OLC, or Whiplash movement, to our member community. 

Social physics in action
Sandy Pentland | E14-493

Real-world applications including next-gen machine learning in business, secure data sharing under EU privacy law, and secure digital identity.

Technical and conceptual tools for collective learning
César Hidalgo | E14-393

Techstyles: wearable and fashion technology at the Media Lab
Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, Rébecca Kleinberger, Xin Liu | E14-514B

The techstyles discussion group at the Media Lab brings together researchers across different groups and disciplines working at the intersections of wearable computing, fashion, emerging materials, and beyond. In this workshop, researchers will introduce their work and discuss challenges and future directions. This workshop seeks to serve as a platform for member companies to engage in discussion and potential collaborations on fashion technology research at the Media Lab.

Using web technologies in creating augmented reality applications for retail, industry, and the home
Pattie Maes, Valentin Heun | E14-244

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