Team Space Enabled presents at MIT Space Week 2021




Wednesday — Friday
April 14, 2021 —
April 16, 2021

Several members of Team Space Enabled will speak during this year's Space Week at MIT, a collection of events hosted by various departments at MIT, including Space Tech by AeroAstro, the New Space Age by Sloan School of Business, and Beyond the Cradle by the Media Lab's Space Exploration Initiative.  Please see the highlighted events below for more information.

April 14: Explorers Panel during Space Tech 2021 hosted by AeroAstro


Danielle Wood will moderate a panel focusing on human exploration in space with members of MIT's AeroAstro visiting committee, including Charles Bolden, Erika Wagner, and Asha Balakrishnan.  

April 15: Beyond the Cradle hosted by the Space Exploration Initiative

1:00pm-2:30pm EDT - Lightning Talks

Jack Reid, Golda Nguyen, and David Colby Reed will participate in the Lightning Talks session.

2:30-3:30pm EDT - Moon Dialogs Salon

Minoo Rathnasabapathy will be a panelist on the Moon Dialogs Salon at this year's virtual Beyond the Cradle.  Accessible Moon will focus on international collaboration strategies, specifically to bring new voices across academic fields, industry, and governments into lunar activities. This action team has a goal of coordinating multi stakeholder activity with a shared respect for the space commons, while promoting the peaceful use of outer space. Salons will include discussion of strategies to build broader participation within the US space industrial base as well as learning from successful international cooperations and public-private partnerships towards lunar governance structures.

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