Andorra WIP: Food Waste Model + Sensorized Biosphere


Andorra Research + Innovation

Andorra Research + Innovation 

City Science and Andorra Research + Innovation teams are currently working on two research directions: 

Food Waste in Andorra, Insight and Transformation

Teams plan to build and understand a comprehensive food waste model for Andorra. This may include modeling for certain shops and grocery stores and/or modeling and understanding personal food waste in the home. With help from the Environmental Department of Andorra, teams have started by gathering data from supermarkets that have compulsory recovery or disposal of organic matter. The researchers believe that these datasets can begin to uncover the current waste scenario in Andorra with hope to, in the future, propose opportunities for more sustainable practices. Current models are in process and operating at a smaller scale, but in the coming months and year teams aim to generate models at the country scale. A more sustainable Andorra is essential for all parties involved and teams hope that this research will shed light on one such component with opportunity for improved success in the future. 

Sensorized Biosphere - understanding Andorra’s urban ecology

Teams aim to understand human activity in biosphere buffer zones by studying biological and environmental forces in the region. Methodology may include some use of traditional sensors like temperature and activity sensing, use of bio-indicators like gene sequencing and metagenomics, and/or insight from people who frequent nature for recreation or work. Teams are outlining the approach and opportunities with hopes to create models that allow for insight of current conditions in both the biosphere and in transition zones, defining the impact of urbanism on the ecology of the country. 

Work is ongoing and will progress over the next several months. We will update this page as work evolves. 

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