A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Event Work Order

Work orders are required for every E14 / E15 event.

A work order notifies MIT Facilities that your event requires assistance from three separate crews:

  • furniture set up / breakdown
  • custodial (cleaning)
  • grounds (trash removal) 

The work order must be created through Atlas at least 6 weeks prior to the event date.   

The directions below guide you through setting up a work order for furniture set up / break down, custodial and grounds.

 1. Log in to Atlas (

2. Click on Service Requests (left column) and then Create a Request (center text):

3.  Click on Event Setup

4.  Enter the building and then the room number.  Then click "Continue" at the bottom right corner.

Building and room numbers used for most reservations:

E14-300CA:  3rd floor Atrium
E14-633:  Lecture Hall
E14-638:  Winter Garden
E14-648:  Silverman Skyline Room
E14-674:  MultiPurpose Room

E15-000LA:  Lower Atrium
E15-070:  Bartos Theater

Review the confirmation paperwork to determine the appropriate room numbers for the event.

If more than one room is reserved for the event, put the additional room numbers in the "Additional Location Information" text box.

Complete one work order per event, even if the event spans multiple days and/or multiple rooms.  If you have a large event that is multi-day or multi-room, be as specific as possible in the free text boxes provided in the work order.  These sections are entitled "Miscellaneous" and "Special Instructions".

5.  Complete Time, Items and Miscellaneous sections:


  • "Setup" starts two hours before the event start, longer if required by the E14/E15 scheduling staff.
  • "Cleanup" is one hour after the event end, longer if required by the E14/E15 scheduling staff.
  • "Reset" starts within the two hour period after the event is over, longer if required by the E14/E15 scheduling staff.
  • "Start" and "End" times must match the information on the confirmation sheet.


  • Chairs:  list "1" in this box and request the exact amount in both the "Miscellaneous" and "Special Instructions" areas
  • Coat racks and hangers:  E14 6th floor has two shared coat racks.  One coat rack is available in the E15 Bartos/ Lower Atrium. Additional coat racks/ hangers need to be order through an outside vendor.
  • Recycling, Trash and Food Waste bins: Request quantities in this section. Repeat the request again in both the "Miscellaneous" and "Special Instructions" areas.
  • Attendant:  For events with 200+ attendees, use this box to request additional custodial attendants.
  • Number of guests:  Provide the latest estimate.

Cut and paste the italic text (listed below) into the "Miscellaneous" text box .

The following MIT Facilities services are requested: Custodial services, Room setup/ reset services (Your Move, Inc) and Grounds/ recycling services.

Click "Continue"

Here's a blank view of this page:

6.  You're in the home stretch!  Each bold item listed below corresponds to a line item on the work order form.

Short description:  Enter the name of the event.

Special Instructions:  Cut and paste the italic text (listed below) into this text box.  Alter the text to accommodate your event's specific needs.  Sample text for a variety of events can be found at this link.

  • Custodial: Vacuum and spot clean the carpet as needed.  Clean and restock the bathrooms. Take out the trash/recycling/compost after event.
  • MIT Grounds: Place trash/recycling/compost bins around needed room.  Include XX number of each bin.
  • Room setup/breakdown: Please have “Your Move” set up and reset the furniture as shown in the attached plan.

When entering room set up and break down information, remember:

  1. To list the room # and the amount/type of furniture for each room
  2. To have a pdf copy of the the seating plan  ready to attach to the next page of the work order

Cost Object:  Enter the cost object that will be used to pay for the work orders.  This is the only valid form of payment.  

Creator info:  This section is automatically populated with your information.  Do not make any changes to this information. Please add the E14/E15 Scheduling team to the cc: line using the following email address:

Requestor Info:  If you're filling out this work order on behalf of the event host, then this is the place to list the event host's contact information.  This person must be a member of the MIT community with a valid MIT email address.  This is the person to whom questions will be directed during the event.

Click "Submit"  (And yes, you haven't attached the seating plans yet.)

7. On the next page, you'll see a small red box at the bottom of the page that says "Add Attachment". This is where to attach the seating plan file(s).

Click on the "Add Attachment" button and then follow the directions to upload the plans that you created using the Planning Pod software and the associated .csv file to help keep track of quantities requested.

But what about A/V?  Where do we enter that request?

Good question!  A/V requests are handled through a separate work order.  Contact the E14/E15 event scheduling staff and they'll guide you through the process.

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