Reserve an Event Space in Four Easy Steps

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1.  Check if the room is available on your preferred date

The E14/E15 event spaces are in high demand. We recommend booking 9 months in advance.  You may not book over an existing event or over another event's set up or breakdown times.  Double-check the date(s) and time(s) to see if the room(s) is available.

Reserving a room depends upon your MIT affiliation:

  • Media Lab community:  work with your group's admin.
  • MIT faculty, staff, and ASA-recognized student groups: use the EMS web form located at E14/ E15 Event  Space Calendar. Touchstone access is required.
  • Sloan student groups: contact the staff in the Sloan student life office
  • Non-MIT groups must request use of the space through an internal MIT co-sponsor.  Please do not contact the E14/E15 Event Staff directly to reserve event space.

2.  Pay the reservation fees 

A valid MIT cost object is required to process the internal journal voucher (JV).  Have this number ready when you fill out the on-line reservation form. A reservation deposit may be required.

3.  Six weeks prior to the event, finalize the details:

  1. Complete an MIT Event Registration if required.
  2. Reserve borrowed furniture (from the E14/E15 inventory), OR
  3. Confirm furniture rental from outside vendor(s).
  4. Confirm all other rental details related to specialty lighting, stage(s),  etc.
  5. Submit work orders through Atlas to  request: custodial services AND furniture set up and removal  (tables, chairs, stages, etc.—one work order covers both!) and audio visual services.
  6. Place details of the registrations, contracts, and work orders to the Additional Information section of the E14/ E15 EMS event space software.

How to create an E14/E15 events-related work order.

Check out the FAQs.

4.  Be aware of your host responsibilities:

Prior to the event, the following information must be posted in the E14 / E15 event management software (Planning Pod):

Day of the Event

  • Oversee the entire event including vendor deliveries and pickups.
  • Act as the central point person for the E14/E15 scheduling staff.
  • Pick up and return access cards and keys promptly.
  • Close loading dock when not in use.
  • Responsibly lock up the space in the evening.

Trouble keeping track of what’s next?  No problem! 

The E14 / E15 event management software will help you stay organized and on top of the details.

If you're the paper-and-pencil type, here's a handy checklist.

Ready to get started?

Questions? Contact us:
20 Ames Street, E15-301
Cambridge, MA 02139

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