CHAMPS-ELYSÉES History and Perspectives (virtual exhibition)




Friday — Tuesday
February 14, 2020 —
June 30, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal has announced an entirely virtual exhibition. The virtual exhibition can be viewed online here.

In addition, in keeping with the virtual theme, the City Science team has created a virtual CityScope which gives viewers the ability to interact with metrics related to the Champs-Élysée project from their home computers. View the virtual CityScope here.
Or view the project page here.

About CityScope Champs-Élysée:

This City Science team will present CityScope Champs-Élysée as part of the larger exhibition “Champs -Élysées, History & Perspectives.”  CityScope Champs-Élysée is a tangible interface that explores the experimental articulation between the diagnosis of existing conditions and the proposed interventions of PCA-STREAM for the Champs Élysées in 2024. The project illustrates interventions on the use of new mobility, the strengthening of nature along the avenue and finally the creation of new dynamic and modular spaces in the city.

Learn more about CityScope Champs-Élysée on the project page.

About the Exhibition:

"On the Champs-Élysées, Paris fashioned itself according to a perspective of infinite progress. Three centuries after it was first built, cars, noise, pollution, tourism, a globalized commercial offering, and neglected gardens have warped the usage of this avenue and diminished its appropriation by Parisians. The exhibition 'Champs -Élysées, History & Perspectives' presents the study conducted at the behest of the Comité Champs-Élysées by Philippe Chiambaretta in collaboration with some fifty researchers, historians, scientists, engineers, artists, and economic and cultural actors from France and abroad. It traces the development of 'the most beautiful avenue in the world,' analyzes its current usages, and proposes a vision of its potential evolutions in response to the challenges this area of the city faces in the present day. It invites viewers to participate in the space’s metamorphosis."

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