Reimagining Mobility: Unlocking Open Data in Gipuzkoa


ReImagining Mobility - Mubil

ReImagining Mobility - Mubil

December 11, 2023

Reimagining Mobility: Unlocking Open Data in Gipuzkoa is an event co-organized by MUBIL, the City Science Lab @ Gipuzako and the City Science group.  The congress will be held on the 11th of December in Donostia.

The aim of the congress is to join forces to tackle the common objectives of mobility and mobility impacted sectors including retail, food and the elderly and more. Teams will also present the new City Science Lab @ Gipuzkoa and discuss ways to optimize the use of data to improve the inter and intra urban mobility of the territory.

This event consists of a main stage program and a workshop. In addition to the MIT team, various mobility stakeholders from Donostia and the broader region will be invited to participate. 

If you are interested in learning more about this event please contact Maggie at mdchurch@media.mit.edu

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