E14-674 Multi Purpose Room


Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

Room Capacity

Standing:  300 people
Lecture-style seated:  250 people +/-
Banquet seating:  260 people

Available Equipment

  • (4) Panasonic RZ970 projectors
    10,000 Lumens
    1920x1200 native resolution
    16:9 aspect ratio
  • (4) retractable projection screens
    18’-0" wide x 14’- 3” tall.
  • Room-dimming shades, floor to ceiling
    (1) set sheer
    (1) set opaque.
  • Basic house lighting is built into the ceiling grid
    31 DPAR
    22 Lekos
  • wireless microphones with (4) channels and a distributed sound system
    (2) hand-held microphones
    (2) lapel microphones

Outside Vendors

Plan to hire third party vendors to provide the following services on an as-needed basis:

  • to use all audio-visual equipment
  • to rent and assemble a podium, stage, or other audio/visual requirements
  • theatrical lighting

These services are not available in house.  A list of vendors is available to all event hosts.  For your convenience, the electrical closet adjacent to E14-674 is equipped with 100 amp camlocks.

Dimensioned Floor Plan (not to scale)

The square room measures 60' - 0" on each side.  The open ceiling grid is suspended 18'-0" above the finish floor.  There is 10' of clearance above the ceiling grid to accommodate lighting, projectors, etc.  

Room Photos


Andy Ryan

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