Resilient Communities and COVID-19

 Average distance travelled by people in the NYC area on 2020-03-22

Project Contact:

The City Science group is collaborating on several projects in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the project pages linked below, the team is working to adapt existing City Science themes to address resilience.

~Our Changing Places researchers are exploring the future of Health and the Home using robotic architecture and sensorized spaces to enable more livable spaces and to incorporate health monitoring.
~The CityScope team is working to understand the future of Autonomous Communities to provide needed amenities and institutions in a short walkable distance allowing for more livability, decreasing emissions, and also allowing those communities to be closed off more easily in case of pandemic preventing entire cities from being shut down simultaneously. 
~Others are deploying agent based models to understand individual movement and minimize the number of workers in any space at a given time in a large factory setting, allowing for worker safety while still enabling production in times of pandemic. 

We invite the City Science Network community to further collaborate and assist with these ideas and technologies wherever possible.

City Science projects, articles and events linked below.