MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review

Wednesday — Thursday
October 12, 2022 —
October 13, 2022
9:00am — 6:00pm ET

MIT Technology Review’s conference on technology solutions for climate change

Join in person or online

Transforming the economy for a sustainable future

New technologies across all industries are making it possible to craft business plans that transition to clean energy systems while maintaining, if not improving, market competitiveness. Net zero 2050 commitments no longer need to be based on hope, but can instead be built on technology, policy, and societal changes that will transform the economy for a sustainable future.

Join us in person on the MIT campus or online from anywhere in the world for an attendee-centric experience that features globally renowned experts, live presentations, interactive Q&As, expert-led discussions, and rich networking experiences.

In collaboration with MIT City Science research group

Primary themes:

Day 1: Energy Matters

Technology is a critical mechanism to bend the emissions curve down and provide clean energy to feed our insatiable need for power. New technologies, policies, and strategies have emerged to deliver clean energy while maintaining market competitiveness.

Day 2: Systems Change, Not Climate Change

Climate change is a global problem with many interconnected and collectively essential solutions. None is a silver bullet. We examine the multitudes of ways individuals and organizations can make sustainable changes to decarbonize the economy.

And join Kent Larson and the MIT City Science team in a chapter titled
Cities: Central to Climate Solutions 
With special guest, Jacopo Boungiorno of the MIT Energy Initiative

Hyper-local solutions provide unique strategies that combine clean technology with region specific strategies, to create realistic ways for cities to adapt to the changing climate, while also creating new spaces and opportunities for people to thrive.

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