EmTech Europe - Luis Alonso and Vanesa Arroyo present in Sustainable Cities


EmTech Europe

EmTech Europe

Thursday — Friday
July 1, 2021 —
July 2, 2021

EmTech EUROPE 2021 – Forging a Brighter Future

Hosted by MIT Technology Review

"MIT Technology Review is bringing its globally renowned EmTech conference, which provides access to the most innovative people and companies in the world, to Europe. Broadcast live from Belfast on July 1 & 2, 2021, EmTech Europe ‘Forging a Brighter Future’ will bring together some of the most brilliant minds in science and technology.. The two-day conference will explore the latest advances and trends at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is adding fuel to the flames of the global climate and economic crises."

This EmTech - Luis Alonso, Principal Investigator Andorra Living Lab Project, Andorra and MIT, USA and Vanesa Arroyo, Project Co-ordinator and International Relations Manager, ActuaTech,
Andorra will present on their collaboration as part of the City Science Network. Luis and Vanesa will share more information on this important collaboration why they believe 'Small is Beautiful.'

Small is Beautiful:

'One of the regions at the very cutting edge of technological change and the creation of smart cities is Andorra, a tiny country tucked between Spain and France. The 180-square-mile nation of 77,000 people has served as a ‘living lab’ for researchers for MIT Media Lab’s City Science Initiative to prototype, deploy and test urban innovation.'

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