Top Ten Andorra Workshop Quotes


Ariel Noyman

Ariel Noyman

Workshop at a glance 

Quotes taken from the Andorra Innovation Workshop, January 2019, in Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra.

“One way to quantify innovation is to quantify the number of interactions between people.”
—Arnaud Grignard, Research Scientist, City Science group

“We need to incentivize people to use alternate modes of transportation for short trips.”
—Marc Pons, Director of Actua and the Andorra Living Lab


City Science, MIT Media Lab

"[Andorra] offer(s) an environment for implementing and integrating projects…It is not about inventing but about implementing innovation."
—Gilbert Saboya, Andorran Minister of Foreign Affairs and Innovation



“I don’t have any answers. Remember, we are here to ask questions.”
—Jason Naywn, Research Scientist, City Science group

“Space is too valuable to be static.”
—Maitane Iruretagoyena, Research Fellow, City Science group

“There are three ways to reduce the number of cars: 1 : use new transportation modes like the PEV; 2: encourage people to use other modes that already exist; or 3: develop our cities so that people can live and work in close proximity.”
—Ronan Doorley, Researcher, City Science group

“In this era, we have the tools to design cities using human dynamics rather than static forms.”
—Ariel Noyman, Researcher, MIT City Science group

"It is a societal imperative to find new and better ways to design our cities."
—Kent Larson, Director, City Science group

"We are a lifestyle company. We want to create solutions that integrate into your world through city science.”
—Nanako Yamazaki, Panasonic Representative, Visiting Scientist, City Science group


City Science/ Kent Larson

“I believe Andorra can change the world.”
—Luis Alonso, Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of the Andorra Special Interest Group

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