ClimateTech + City Science Summit

Wednesday — Friday
October 4, 2023 —
October 6, 2023
9:00am — 5:00pm ET

October 4 and 5: ClimateTech at MIT Media Lab

Hosted by MIT Technology Review, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab City Science group

Innovations for a sustainable future

ClimateTech convenes the leaders funding, creating, and deploying climate technologies to accelerate the transition to a green economy. New public policies backed by new public funding are fueling innovations, but the clock is figuratively, and literally, burning. We must identify, innovate, and quickly scale the solutions that will have the greatest impact on achieving net-zero objectives before it's too late. 

The event will feature a chapter curated by MIT City Science which will include input and insight from the City Science Network Directors. Themes will include: rapid urbanization, innovation in informality, new housing, mobility and community models, innovation in a biosphere, and desert tech. 

Electrification, AI, fusion, carbon capture, city level solutions, and radical adaptations are all on the agenda as we explore the innovations that will bring us to a sustainable future, now. 

October 6: City Science Summit Workshops

The City Science Summit is an annual event that brings together international collaborators and thought leaders in the fields of urban science, planning, computer science, policy and decision making, social sciences, and rapid urbanization. Network guests are welcome to stay for a day of workshops focused on our research and collaborations. 

Network nodes will present collaborative workshops on the themes of climate resiliency, mobility, and data for social good. 

Workshops are by invitation only.

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