Event Space Rules and Regulations


Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

The event space guidelines will help you through every stage of the event planning process. 

Event Space Restrictions 

  • Smoking is not permitted in the event space, on the terrace, or in any building on the MIT campus. 
  • There is no lockable storage for events.
  • Events must end by 10 p.m. (excluding breakdown/clean up).
  • No tables, chairs or other equipment is allowed on the glass floor.
  • Terrace use is by request only. Maximum occupancy on the terrace is 32 persons.  Neither tables nor chairs are allowed on the terrace.
  • E14-633 Dreyfoos Lecture hall must be reserved in advance for event use.
  • Taping anything to the walls within the E14/ E15 event spaces is strictly prohibited. If tape is used, and surfaces are damaged at any point during the reservation, the event's cost object will be charged for all necessary repairs. 

Prohibited Party Items

  • Helium-filled balloons
    These trip the smoke alarm system and the Cambridge Fire Department will come. Even the "tied-down" ones sometimes slip away and are prohibited.
  • Chocolate dessert fountains
    Melted chocolate is difficult to remove and can stain the carpet. 
  • Propane cooking stoves
    This is directed at the caterer most of the time.  These are dangerous and cannot be exhausted properly in the catering kitchen.

Event Host Responsible

  • Creating Atlas work orders
  • Procuring and paying for all required external event services
  • Relaying all details from any non-MIT hosts involved with the event
  • Building security
  • Building card access
  • Loading dock keys

Use of the Space

Event reservations are only for the room(s) that have been reserved. Events may not use space that has not been included in the reservation. Special arrangements are required for the use of any open space.


The group reserving the room assumes full responsibility for any damages to the facility and/or its equipment arising from misuse by its guests.

Alterations or Changes to the Space

Any major alteration/set design to the event space should be discussed with the E14/ E15 event space schedule team to ensure it is safe for the space. 

Final Cleaning

All rooms must be left clean, empty and in order. 

The event host shall make arrangements with the caterers to remove all equipment, including coffee and hot water dispensers, as well as kitchen trash when they depart. 

Similar arrangements should be made for all rented equipment and furniture.

If the event space is not properly cleaned, the event host will be notified immediately and asked to address the situation.  If this person fails to take heed of this first and only warning, custodial services will be called in and additional custodial fees will be assessed to the event's cost object. 


The E14 6th floor and / or the E15 Bartos Theater and Atria must be locked and secured after each event outside of regular business hours.

Lost and Found

The event host should double check all rooms for staff and guest possessions before leaving. The E14 / E15 staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

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Caterer Responsibilities

A copy of the E14/ E15 catering guide can be sent to any caterer upon request.

  • Arrange for the pickup of all deliveries.
  • Add loading dock requests for load in/ load outs of equipment and food services to the event itinerary. Failure to do so may result in vendors losing access to the loading dock. 
  • All equipment pick-ups must be arranged for immediate removal after an event is over.

General Caterer Responsibilities

All event catering and party rental equipment must be delivered and removed within the event reservation time, unless special arrangements have been approved.  Post all set up and removal times in the event itinerary.

  • Deliveries must be stacked neatly and only in the space allocated for the event.
  • All equipment pick-ups must be arranged for immediate removal after an event is over.
  • It is mandatory that all rental equipment be loaded into the back hallway of the kitchen, especially when other events are happening.
  • It is the caterer's responsibility to remove all kitchen trash from the building when they leave. 
  • The event host and caterer are responsible for digitally signing the check out form certifying that the space(s) has been fully cleaned.

There are plenty of recycling and trash bins. No trash should be left on the loading dock or adjacent hallways.

E14-670 Catering Kitchen

There is minimal refrigeration and frozen storage space in the kitchen.  To reach the catering kitchen dial (617) 253-4631.

E14-670 Catering Kitchen Equipment:

There is no cooking equipment in the kitchen (ovens, warmers). All cooking equipment must be rented. Cooking with propane gas or open flame is prohibited

The following provisions are available for your use:

  • three 30 Amp (3 curved prong) circuits suitable for large ovens
  • two 20 Amp plugs hanging from the ceiling
  • 20 Amp wall-mounted outlets for coffee makers
  • 3 stainless steel sink counters
  • 1 rolling stainless steel worktable
  • 1 stainless steel plating table

The E14-670 kitchen space may at times be shared between two events.

E14-670 Cleaning Requirements

  • All caterers are responsible for providing and using their own cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean the food service equipment and the floors at the end of each event.
  • Caterers are required to thoroughly clean all food service equipment, counters and tables by washing down countertops, legs and shelving first, and then wiping and polishing tables.
  • All caterers are responsible for sweeping and mopping the kitchen before leaving. The kitchen is equipped with brooms, a mop and a mop bucket.
  • All tables and chairs used by the caterer must be wiped down and returned to the proper storage carts and closets.
  • All caterers are responsible for removing their trash from the kitchen.
  • No trash may be left on the loading dock or in the adjacent hallways.
  • All deliveries must be stored in the kitchen’s back hallway.

Lower Atrium and Bartos Theater

There is no kitchen available in E15.  Caterers should work with their event host to set aside an area to use as a kitchen.  The back hall of E15 Lower Atrium is not available for use.

  • Electrical power is available through wall mounted outlets only.
  • Limited furniture is available in E15. All deliveries must be stored under the stairwell in the Lower Atrium.  Either the event host or the caterer should arrange to receive the delivery. 
  • The caterer is responsible for using all of their own supplies, including a broom and mop, to sweep and clean the floors after the event ends. 
  • No food is allowed in the Bartos Theater.

Building Access

The E14/E15 complex is a research building; occupant safety is our priority.   

Normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8am to 6:30pm. Event guest access to E14/ E15  is by TIM Ticket only during  evening and weekend  hours.

Building Security and Off-Hours Access

  • See MIT NOW for updates. Since the E14/ E15 buildings have restricted access, special requests are required to open elevators , terrace and event doors. The E14/ E15 main entry doors will be restricted unless special permission has been given by the Provost/ IS&T offices.
  • If the event will take place outside of normal operating hours, the event host is responsible for uploading their program agenda to the E14E15 event space reservation, so that the doors and elevators can be properly programmed by the Event Scheduling team.
  • If off-hours building access is required, the event host is responsible for coordinating a date and time to pick up a loading dock key and an access card.  
  • The door and elevator programming is for the convenience of the event guests.  Event staff and vendor access is coordinated through the event host.  
  • E15 lobby may need access programming from MIT Office of Security Operations and MIT Custodial.
  • Please be sure doors are closed and not propped open when you leave.
  • During weekends and evening hours, only the E14/E15 event spaces are open to event guests. The other floors of the E14/E15 buildings are closed to the public and to event guests.
  • Both MIT and the Media Lab have a lost and found. Check with event host first, then Media Lab facilities.

Loading Dock

  • Access to the loading dock for event load-in / load-out must be outlined in the event agenda/ Run of Show, or your vendors may not have adequate access to the loading dock.
  • Deliveries before 8:30am or after 6:30pm will require a loading dock key.  The event host must arrange to pick up the key, meet the delivery truck, and is responsible for locking both loading dock doors after each delivery and before leaving for the evening.
  • Loading Dock Dimensions: Outside door: 10'3"wide x 14'8" tall;                        
    Length outside door to lift - 30'

Freight Elevator

  • Normal hours of operation are from 8:00am–6:30pm, Monday through Friday.  If the event requires access to the freight elevator outside of these times, it must be noted in the event agenda/ Run of Show so that the elevator can be properly programmed for the event.
  • All deliveries must use the E14 freight elevator, not the passenger elevators.
  • Do not prop open the elevator doors; it will cause the elevator to shut down.  You must call (617) 253-1500 to request a third-party service technician assistance to restart the elevators.  Your cost object will be used to cover these fees.
  • Freight elevator dimensions:
    E14: Services E14 basement through sixth floors and E15 first through fourth floors
    interior cab:  10' - 0" deep x 7' - 6" wide x 8'- 0" high
    door measurement:  5' - 0" wide x 8' - 0" high
    E15: Services E15 lower level through fourth floors and E14 first through fourth floors
    interior cab:  5' - 0" deep x 8' - 3" wide x 9' - 0" high
    door measurement:  6' - 0" wide x 7' - 2" high

Terrace Access

  • No smoking is permitted on the terrace at any time.
  • Only Winter Garden or Silverman Skyline events may use the terrace. 
  • Permission to use the terrace must be requested six weeks prior to the event and noted in the event agenda/ Run of Show.  Final confirmation for use of the terrace is weather dependent and subject to the judgement of the event scheduling team.  
  • Terrace doors lock 30 minutes before the event ends.
  • Terrace is closed from November 15th through March 15th or during inclement weather.

Cancelation Policy 

There is a 10% non-refundable deposit for events.  If no deposit was taken and the event is cancelled with fewer than eight weeks of notice, there will be a $400.00 cancellation fee charged to the event's cost object.

Note: The E14 / E15 Event Manager reserves the right to cancel any event if the event host does not provide event information and/or details required 6 weeks before the event date.

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