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City Science Lab Taipei

City Science Lab Taipei


The City Science Lab @ Taipei is a cooperation between The National Taipei University of Technology, also called NTUT or Taipei Tech, and the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab.  The lab was founded in 2017 with an aim to focus on the development of smart city infrastructure and autonomous vehicles. In the following years the lab has grown to also focus on robotics, internet of things technologies, big data, generative AI and data-enabled decision making platforms. 

The lab, in Taipei's unique context, is at the crossroads of design, technology, and policy. Lab researchers and leadership collaborate closely with partners from academia, industry, and the government as they strive to prototype a set of digital tools that enable a bottom-up, data-driven approach to envision future communities. 

Taipei Tech is one of the oldest technological universities in Taiwan. Taipei Tech is focused on international relations and global interaction, while responding and adapting as educational needs shift and change.  In addition, 'Taipei Tech is firmly linking itself to Taiwan’s industries and forming a reputation of an “excellent R&D partner of SMEs.” '