Talks series organized by the University of Guadalajara for their Master’s in City Science


City Science

City Science

The University of Guadalajara (UdeG) established a Master's Degree in City Science (Maestría en Ciencia de la Ciudad or MCCd). The degree is part of the University Centers of Tonalá and Arts, Architecture and Design and was coordinated in conference with their cooperation agreement with the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab. Over the past years the degree has grown both in number of activities and in number of students involved. This past December (2023) the MIT team presented and attended a series of talks with students from UdeG to share work and research, provide insight on current projects, and offer ideas and challenges for the student work ahead. 

City Science Workshop - UdeG Master's in City Science Program 

Several City Science researchers presented their work as part of a multi-day workshop from December 4 to 7, 2023. The virtual talks were attended by the UdeG program leadership and students in the City Science Master's program. 

Talks included:

Andorra Living Lab: Data-Driven Insights into the Environmental Impact of Tourism | Luis Alonso Pastor

What is the Last-Meter? | Johnny Cohen

CityScope: Urban Modeling and Simulation | Ariel Noyman

Tangible Interfaces | Thomas Sanchez Lengeling

The Power of Without | Maitane Iruretagoyena

E-Waste | Georine Pierre

Sensing Informal Communities | Andrew Rico

Data Visualization | Markus ElKatsha

Autonomous Mobility  | Naroa Coretti Sanchez


Mayra Gamboa

Colloquium of the Master in City Science (MCCd) 

Following the workshop, the students in the program presented at their first colloquium. Feedback was given by their university Directors, Co-Directors and Readers and Luis Alonso Pastor and Thomas Sanchez Lengeling attended as subject matter experts.

Each student presented a global theoretical framework to share their research and outline their progress toward their master's thesis. The hybrid event was open to all members of the Academic Board, and members of the Academic Core for the degree. Some guests from the technology sector were also invited. 

The following students presented: 

Gloria Esmeralda Ramirez Ramirez
with Director Dr. Irene Gómez Jiménez, Co-Director Dr. Eugenio Arriaga Cordero, Reader Dr. Carlos Jesahel Vega Gómez and SME Thomas Sanchez Lengeling

Jorge Alberto Aguayo Zepeda
with Director Dr. Diego Nápoles Franco, Co-Director Dr. Dulce Esmeralda García Ruiz, Reader Mónica Gómez and SME Thomas Sanchez Lengeling

Cesar Rafael Chavez Padilla
with Director Dr. Luis Fernando Álvarez Villalobos, Co-Director Dr. Ana Marcela Torres Hernández, Reader Juan Pablo Jimenez and SME Dr. Luis Alonso Pastor

Pavel Morales Rivas 
with Director Dr. José Luis Águlla Flores, Co-Director Juan Pablo Jiménez Cervantes, Reader Eduardo Delgado and SME Dr. Luis Alonso Pastor 

Alejandro Padilla Lepe
with Director Dr. Mayra Eugenia Gamboa González, Co-Director Dr. Marco Antonio Berger García, Reader Dr. Gamaliel Palomo and SME Dr. Luis Alonso Pastor  


University of Guadalajara

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