Theme | Mobility On-Demand

Phil Tinn

Urban populations around the world are rapidly growing. To improve livability, urban residents must reduce dependency on fossil fuels and private cars, while needing efficient equitable access to inexpensive and reliable transportation.

Urbanization has outpaced transportation innovation as we know it, and urban transportation issues are far more complex and diverse than they appear when viewed from a car seat.   Going beyond the robotization and electrification of cars,   we conceptualize, prototype and pilot mobility interventions  through the following five research activities:

  1. Lite Autonomy — What might we enable people to move in a more healthful, and ecological fashion in ways that correspond to emerging urban contexts and societal aspirations?
  2. Social-Machine Interaction — How might we facilitate the coexistence, trust-building, and collaboration between autonomous vehicles and people in diverse settings?  
  3. Infrastructure & Policies — How might the public sector more effectively participate in the development of new mobility solutions to maximize public interest?
  4. Deployment Simulation — How might we tailor new mobility services to diverse urban settings and travel preferences?
  5. Open-Innovation — How might new technologies respond to the diverse industrial, socio-economic, and educational needs of the society?


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